Reputable Holdings Ltd is an established company based in Tanzania dealing with integrated international supply chain.RHL specializes in International Procurement, Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Supply, Delivery, Consultancy.Reputable is caters for diversified requirements in Healthcare, Infrastructure, Energy, Defence, Construction, Logistics, Industrial, Engineering, Oil and Gas sectors . The worldwide network of agents and the services that possess global range make us a unique brand in procurement, supplies and logistics.


Reputable Holdings  Ltd  {RHL}  offers a diversified range of high-tech products and services having its business base Tanzania, East Africa-Africa. RHL has built its significance through venturing into solution oriented business line covering Energy,Manufacturing,Mining,Agriculture,Forestry,Defence,Aviation,Marine,Infrustructure,Oil and Gas.RHL business mission are  having direct impacts towards social economic and technological success of various sectors. RHL  always  adapt to a constantly changing market to respond better to its customers’ requests and to the architecture of their unique projects,needs  and customized requirements.


The culture of the medium-sized company promote personal, direct, eye-to-eye relationships with business partners. Fairness, transparency, reliability and stability are the cornerstones of the RHL  corporate philosophy. We strive to foster long-term relationships with our customers. Our services and engineering solutions are designed for sustainability.


Our company  is strongly committed to principles of sustainability which are aimed to preserve and make the world a better place for the future generations, by defending the environment, respecting and promoting the uniqueness of every human being. Our concept of sustainability is construed on our key principles and values: safety, innovation, quality, and ethics.


  • Easy availability and flexibility,
  • Committed, attentive and responsive staff,
  • The monitoring of products and maintenance,
  • Continuity in the services, Support